The NCAA is at it Again

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Reporter: So NCAA, what made you consider expanding the CFP to 12 teams?



The NCAA is considering expanding the College Football Playoffs to 12 teams and it is the dumbest, most money hungry thing I've ever seen. There is no practical reason for allowing the #5-12 seeds a chance to play for the title. If this was in effect last season teams like Coastal Carolina and Indiana would have had a chance at the championship. That is until they played a powerhouse team like Alabama and got absolutely smacked around. When the NCAA switched to the 4 team format in 2015 it at least made sense. The #3 and #4 seeds are often legit contenders who get left out of the NCG because of politics or one unfortunate loss during the season. #12 Coastal Carolina had an impressive 11-0 season don't get me , but they're no title contenders. This is simply an attempt by the NCAA to create buzz around pointless playoff games so they can get more TV and ad revenue. Here's where the process stands according to

The first step will come in Chicago on July 17 and 18 when the four-member working group, tasked for nearly the past two years with exploring expansion, reports its findings to the CFP management committee. The four-member working group will present the finding to a group made up of SEC commissioner Greg Sankey, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick and Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson.
The two days of discussion by the management committee are expected to yield a singular recommendation for the following week. That’s when the CFP board of managers, a group of 11 presidents and chancellors from the 10 FBS conferences and Notre Dame, will examine what’s put forward and likely determine the potential shape — although not the final details — of the playoff's future.

In all likelihood they will move forward with the new format. The NCAA is saying they care little about player safety or what makes college football meaningful if they implement this format. The regular season will not be shortened, so teams that go far in the playoffs will be required to play more games to reach the pinnacle. This obviously increases the potential for injury. Next it ruins the importance of the regular season. Unlike most other leagues, every game in the college football regular season means something. They're all playoff games. One loss will eliminate most teams from the current 4 team playoff format. A 12 team format means teams can lose 1-2 games and they won't have to sweat it. The same thing is happening in the NFL where they added a 17th game to the schedule. It was a pure revenue move that served no additional value to the product on the field. If anything it will hurt the players, bring in load management like we see in the NBA, and hurt the product on the field. I'm a big proponent of the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". That's exactly how I felt in both these situations. The NFL season was a fine length, and the 4-team CFP was working, so why change either? As they say, money talks and that bitch is loud.

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