Is Embiid Taking His Talents to South Beach?

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

With one tweet last night Joel Embiid set the NBA world on fire and gave every Sixers fan a subsequent heart attack.

Was this a cryptic message to the Philadelphia 76ers front office, was it just a keen observation, or is it just "Troel" Embiid trolling us all? I'm going to say he's just making an observation that the Heat are outgunned by Boston in ECF right now, and they could in fact benefit from having another star on the roster. However, if I squint hard enough I can see this tweet being an ever so slight cryptic message to the Sixers organization that if they don't get some good talent around him soon, he would not be afraid to take his talents elsewhere. Miami would be a great destination for him too, if not the perfect one. They have multiple ball handlers, shooters, good defense, better coaching, and an old teammate in Jimmy Butler. The only thing they are missing is a dominate player in the post as Joel would be. Bam is a great player, but he's no comparison to Joel. If I wasn't a Sixers fan, I would actually be very interested to see what would happen if Joel did somehow ended up in Miami. A championship or two would not be unfathomable. For now though, I doubt we see that day come.

All-in-all this is just another exciting day in the city of Philadelphia.

P.S. - What an atrocity to see the runner up for MVP getting snubbed from the All NBA First Team.

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