Ultimate NBA Betting Guide

Being that a major part of my goal for this site is an extensive focus on the sports betting side of the sports world, I figured I needed to put together a betting guide for each sport. I want my readers to have the best stats and trends available to them when they are making their betting picks. I will be putting together a betting guide with trends and records for each league currently playing over the next few days. I'm starting with the NBA today and then I'll have an NHL, college basketball, and maybe an MLB season preview based on last years numbers. Let's start with the NBA here.

Here are the records for NBA teams ATS this season:


As you can see if you bet Utah-Chicago spread every game this season you are well in the green. The opposite is true from Boston-Houston. Betting against Houston every night would be a smart move. Obviously the hot hand fallacy is something to consider here, meaning just because a team like Utah has been exceptional at covering the spread up until this point in the season, doesn't mean they will stay that way. These records are however something to consider before you make your next spread bet on certain teams.

Here are the over/unders this year:


It's been no secret that teams like the Pelicans have been absolutely lighting the scoreboard up this season and slacking on the defensive end leading to very high game totals. You may be surprised to find teams like Sacramento, Indiana, and Chicago hitting the over more times than not though. Same goes for seeing teams like Golden State and Atlanta hitting more unders.

I'm going to leave the moneyline numbers off of this. You can look up teams records on your own to see how they are doing here. The problem with moneyline statistics is teams like Utah are -400 or higher on most nights, so the returns are not even worth the risk.

Sports betting is half about following your gut, and half following the trends. It may be worth betting the high percentage plays, like Utah to cover, or New Orleans overs every night because they have been extremely profitable to this point. You will lose some nights, but the statistics say you will win more often than not. These numbers are constantly changing, so I would recommend reassessing on a weekly basis at minimum.