The Ultimate NHL Betting Guide

If you haven't read yesterdays NBA betting guide be sure to go check it out. Today I will be giving you the important trends and records to consider when you are making your next hockey bets. Hockey is my favorite sport to bet on behind football, so I'm pretty excited about this one.

Here are the best puckline teams ranked from most to least profitable


As you can see, there is only 11 teams that are profitable if you bet their pucklines every night. The puckline is a tough one to bet because the records vary widely when the team is a favorite vs the underdog. If you look deeper into these numbers you will find some interesting trends like the Coyotes are only 1-7 when favored by 1.5, but they are 9-4 when they are given 1.5 goals. Another team like this is the Panthers who are 3-10 as 1.5 goal favorites, but 7-1 when given 1.5 goals. While these teams are great against the puckline as underdogs, they may be so at -200+ odds, so that's something to consider when looking at them as underdogs. Due to the odds teams like the Wild, Hurricanes, and Oilers have gotten as 1.5 goal favorites, they are profitable despite having a losing record as such. Teams like Tampa, Winnipeg, and the Flyers (somehow) are the only ones with winning records as 1.5 goal favorites. It will be interesting to see if trends like those continue over the course of the the season.

Best teams to bet on the over/under


Over/under numbers are pretty straightforward. There's only 4 teams that hit the over 60% or more of the time and 6 teams that hit the under over 60% of the time. No one likes betting the under, but theres more consistency amongst some teams in this category, especially the Rangers who are hitting the under a whopping 70% of the time. If you want to put these to the test, then consider taking Tampa, Winnipeg, and Flyers pucklines for awhile as well as Rangers, Isles, and Red Wings unders.

And remember: