Let the Pick Stand

There's plenty of stupid rules in the game of football today, and a whole series of blogs could be written about each one of them. From the questionable enforcement of the targeting rules in College football, to the ludicrous taunting calls being made in the NFL this year. I mean look at this example from today:

How dare he point at the defender as he scores on him. What a sick human being. If the defender had a problem with that (which I'm sure he didn't), then maybe he shouldn't have let him score. Anyway I digress. The real rule I have beef with this particular Sunday is roughing the passer negating an interception. I think this is the most asinine rule in football. This rule showed it's ugly face again today in the Packers/Vikings game:

Now is this roughing the passer? Sure I guess with the helmet to helmet contact, especially in today's game where looking at a QB the wrong way costs you 15. However, what effect does this have on the pick? The ball is gone by the time the penalty occurs, and it had no effect on what happened downfield. This should simply be a 15 yard personal foul penalty enforced from either the end of the runback or from the spot of the foul. We had a similar call in the Saints/Titans game last weekend:

This play is even worse because that hit simply is not roughing the passer, and a perfect example of how the rule as a whole has run amuck. Both these games were incredibly tight contests and the interceptions being called back absolutely altered the outcome of the games. They also altered the ending balance of my Fanduel account, but that's neither here nor there. The NFL needs to get a grip on its rules and reel its referees in. It's head scratching calls week after week, seemingly obvious calls take hours to review, or go completely missed, and so on and so forth. Part of me wonders if the replacement refs ever left the field. Do better NFL, you're ruining the game we love. In my humble opinion doing away with this rule would be a great place to start.

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